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General Questions

What happens if I have to reschedule my wedding?

2020 was A YEAR, and of course we’re seeing this trickle in to future years as well. Our COVID policy changes periodically while we try to navigate new information. Your contract will include our most up-to-date information as it relates to cancellations and reschedules. In most cases, we will reschedule your date for you one time with no fees if COVID has altered your plans. We will take every opportunity to work with you to adjust your plans if necessary!

What is your booking process?

After we chat, I will send a customized proposal listing out several options that would work for your wedding day. Once you select the best choice, I will send over a contract and retainer invoice. I need both the contract signed and retainer paid to be solely committed to your date.

Do you have any specific COVID policies?

Although we will continue to take all precautions at our events, including frequent hand-washing, sanitizing and maintaining social distancing - we are business-as-usual right now! As the state and local mandates may change, we are constantly staying updated and may make additional adjustments as necessary to protect the health of our team and our clients! We also have some necessary COVID contract policies as it relates to rescheduling or cancelling events, but again, these may fluctuate as the situation changes. You are always welcome to contact us to inquire what our current policies are!

What is your associate program?

I wanted to put together an associate program for couples who loved my style of shooting and editing, but who I may be outside of their budget goals. I started with adding one associate, Stephanie. As she has become booked to her max number of weddings each year, we have since added on another option for KWP Masters! This is a collection of photographers who have set packages and are a great option for budget-conscious couples!

How many weddings do you take each year?

In order to provide an amazing experience to each and every one of my couples, I limit the number of weddings I take each year. Once I reach that limit, I will no longer accept weddings for that year. In that case, I can happily refer you to one of my associate photographers who have a similar style of shooting as I do!

Who will be my lead photographer?

From our initial communications we’ll get an idea of who will best fit your style, budget and personality. Some people prefer to prioritize budget, while others will prioritize personality or style. Once we connect you with your ideal lead photographer, they will be the one contracted for your wedding or session. 

In some instances, we may guarantee a KWP Master Photographer without specifying which one. But in any case, our photographers have been personally trained and vetted by Kristen personally and she stands behind both their quality of work and professionalism!

Destination Questions

What are your travel fees?

Since I offer customized quotes for each couple based on their destination location, all of my travel expenses will be included in the quote and you wouldn’t have any additional expenses unless you added on to the collection.

Will I still have a second photographer?

Yes! My quote will include all of the travel fees for myself and a second shooter. For longer wedding days, I may also bring an assistant to help with coordination, timeline and film-rolling.

Can you also photograph my rehearsal dinner?

Absolutely! I will put together a quote that offers time for you that entire weekend. You are my absolute priority and I will be at your service for sessions, rehearsal, location scouting, and more! A hot-air balloon shoot the next day? Engagement session around ancient Greek ruins 3 days before? A bridesmaid shoot complete with champagne? I'm all in and can't wait to capture it for you!

What if you’ve never been to our wedding location?

Not a problem! I have been photographing destination weddings since the beginning of my career and feel the most creative and excited when I’m surrounded by new, fabulous, locations! I will take time to scout ahead of time and research your venues for the perfect photo opportunities!

Wedding Questions

How long do you stay on the wedding day?

We will work with you for a customized proposal that will detail out several collection options and a rough timeline proposal for you to review. Our average wedding day collection is 8 hours, but smaller weddings may need less time, while larger ones may require more.

Can I show you images I’d like you to recreate?

I make it a standard policy to not recreate another artist’s work. However, I love to see what you love about photos you’ve saved for your wedding day! We’ll put together some of our own ideas and capture the things that inspire you in a new way that’s unique to your day!

Can I add on to my time or collection?

Absolutely! You may always add on to your collection up until the week of the wedding (so we may properly prepare our timeline and team members). 

How many images will I receive?

Each collection comes with a minimum image delivery. It usually ranges between 50-75 images per coverage hour (so a minimum of 500-750 images from a 10 hour wedding day). It depends on various things - like if there is a lot of travel time between venues for instance. However, we truly gain nothing from holding back amazing images! So when we cull our images (sort through all the images from the day and decide what to keep and what to delete), we are looking for all the images that tell the story of your day completely and cohesively. 

How do I know how many hours I need?

During the consultation process, I will draft a very rough timeline that you can use during your planning process. This will help us determine any additional time you may need, or work through any logistical issues for the day of the wedding! Our hours are consecutive - meaning we can’t split our hours over a full day’s time. The time begins from our first shutter click and ends through our last!

In some cases, exits are planned right at our departure time. We will give a 10 minute grace period, but we do bill out additional time if we need to stay past that. We’ll help you coordinate this with your venue and/or planner/DJ/Band so that you don’t have any unexpected issues arise.

Do you recommend doing a First Look?

I recommend doing whatever you’re comfortable with! The first look can be very beneficial if you’d like a late or sunset ceremony, or if you’d like to attend your own cocktail hour. We will work with you so that you fully know what kind of timing we need and set proper expectations on what we can capture for you - with or without a first look!

Do you offer albums or prints in your collections?

In most cases, all of our collections are digital items and service-based only. This also means that you wouldn’t have sales tax on any of your collections, or additional fees required to book. Our proposal will offer several options and those are the final prices to reserve your wedding day!

Portraits Questions

Will you help me plan what to wear and location ideas?

Absolutely! Our Welcome Kit actually includes a lot of information about how to plan and prepare for your engagement session, location options and so much more! We’ll also create a mood board for you that you can reference while you’re shopping!

What happens if it’s going to rain for my engagement or portrait session?

We try to watch the weather as much as possible in the days leading up to your session, and will make a rain call if the chance of rain is over 60% for that day/time. In that case, we will reschedule on another available date.

Can I book you for my engagement session without booking a wedding with you?

Unfortunately I do reserve my engagement sessions for my booked wedding couples. However I’m always happy to recommend other photographers that can assist you!

How long is the engagement session?

My engagement sessions usually last about an hour and most couples will choose 2 outfits for them. Destination and International weddings generally have longer sessions as we explore the local area the week of the wedding!

Do you photograph family portraits?

I take a very limited number of family portrait clients each year. It’s all based around my current schedule and making sure I can accommodate everyone with the same amount of attention!

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